Anchor Cooking Cream


“Anchor Cooking Cream is a revolutionary product as a replacement to fresh cream. The advantages are 40% already reduced, better yield, cheaper than fresh cream, gluten free, less cost on wages. Faster cooking times for products ready to go. Eg garlic prawns only 3.5 min cooking time. Comes packaged in 1L Tetra with easy pour and has a 6 month refrigerated shelf life. It ticks all the boxes for me and you can’t tell the difference which means consistency stays the same changing the product.”

How do you use this product in the kitchen?

“As a replacement to fresh cream the down side to fresh cream in pasta cooking is there is still reducing time so it is best to pre reduce fresh cream to keep service time efficient cooking cream takes this away which means savings in cost and yield.”

How does this product compare to its competitors?

“There is nothing like it except fresh cream and the fact it saves on yield, wages, and upholds consistency what else can you ask for.” – Jason Olivier, Head Chef, Cafe B, Adelaide