Lamb Shanks

ANZCO FOODS have two new exciting products available for chefs. Nourish slow cooked Beef Ribs and Nourish slow cooked seasoned Lamb Shanks are products that allow you the opportunity to add your own creative interpretation to make a unique and delicious dish for Winter menus.

Trial Team members have tested these products in their kitchen. They have added their own flair to creative original dishes.

Downloadable Specification Sheets for both products are available at the end of our reviews.

Here’s what they think

Krzysztof Swiecinski – Chef, Harrington Hotel

Kris’ dish is a slow braised lamb shank with pumpkin risotto, orange and honey glazed root vegetables and shallots finished with a mint and orange lamb jus….“Meat quality is very good, it falls off the bone, is moist and has a great lamb flavour.”

“Beautifully French trimmed shanks that were perfectly braised and lightly seasoned with only salt, pepper and garlic.”

“Lightly seasoned means chefs can give their own flair and create a unique dish…in a word versatility.”

“The shanks come vacuum packed with some stock from braising which can be used as a sauce base.”

“A great alternative for kitchens with small teams or busy venues as a time saver.”

ozbistro chef review lamb  shanks

Mitchell Davis – Executive Chef, Lantern Hotel Group

Mitchell created a Massaman lamb shank with Desiree mash & Thai salad…“The fact that the flavour out of vac pac is Lamb only, leaves the product open to many uses.”

“The quality of shanks was great, they were a consistent size and the bone was Frenched
well. The meat was tender but not overcooked and did not turn to mush when pushed on
roof of mouth. It has a great lamb flavour with a hint of garlic and rosemary and pulled easily from the bone
with a fork.”

“In regard to labor cost savings, I would say that if you are working in a small kitchen with a small brigade and limited gear these lamb shanks
would be ideal as a time saver as it is well cooked and really good quality. It would also suit those in large kitchens working with limited time and large turn-over”

“The ease of preparation is fantastic just open the bag and re-heat in your desired sauce or throw into a sous vide machine”

“The versatility is great as I found the flavour not too overpowering out of vac pac.
In 15 minutes I whipped up this dish. The fact that the flavour out of vac pac is lamb only leaves the product open to
many uses.”

ozbistro review ANZCO FOODS Mitchell Davis

Steve Proctor – Head Chef, Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club

Steve created a dish of braised lamb shanks with celery heart gnocchi, ricotta, tomato, saffron & watercress…“Nourish lamb shanks are braised to perfection, moist, fall off the bone and still maintain a glorious flavour that only New Zealand lamb can provide.”

“In the past I have used raw lamb shanks and gone through hours of prep time to achieve a similar result to this product. I have tried other pre braised lamb products but all have been far inferior to Nourish lamb shanks.”

“Once cooked, Nourish package the lamb shanks in a sous vide bag for optimum convenience. It is so easy and clean to reheat.”

“The sous vide packaging provides simple preparation and limitless scope”

“Labour time is dramatically reduced which offers cost effectiveness and time to focus on other aspects of the recipe.”

ozbistro chef review ANZCO lamb shanks

Jeffrey Simonetta – Chef,

Jeff infused lamb shanks in a Grenache sauce….”I cooked these shanks a few different ways, and found them really easy to prepare, even from frozen. I really liked them in my Grenache (red wine) sauce, baked in my wood fired oven, 12 hour slow cooked tenderness in only 15 minutes.”

“The shanks are juicy, tender and infused with garlic and rosemary, making them very versatile to customise.”

“They are pre-portioned to 2 per pack at around 700g, which is handy, and were all intact and on the bone.”

“They save hours of cooking time and labour costs, and give you the convenience of cooking from frozen.”

ozbistro chef review ANZCO lamb shanks