Asian Gourmet Laksa Paste

“Asian Gourmet Laksa Paste is a fantastic range of Asian spice pastes in 1kg tubs. I’m specifically using the Laksa paste in this recommendation. It has an authentic intense flavour that’s quite budget effective. The Laksa paste is made with the natural traditional ingredients that should be used in a truly great Laksa e.g. galangal, shallots, chilies, dried shrimp and lemon grass.”

How do you use this product in the kitchen?
“Stir fries, sauces, soups and curries. I use it specifically for Penang curry, risottos and vegetarian dishes.”

How does this product compare to its competitors?
“Far superior because of its authentic intense flavour. There is an amazing range available: Butter Chicken paste, the Tandoor is really delish,
Thai Green and Red Curry, Murg Mahkani and Madras Curry.” – Gary Sweetman, Chef and food consultant, New Zealand.