BBQ Beef Ribs

ANZCO FOODS’ ‘Nourish’ range have produced BBQ Beef Ribs that have been slow cooked to retain flavour and succulence.They are served with a mild BBQ flavoured sauce. Simply reheat and serve as is or with your own signature jus.

Trial Team members have tested the BBQ Beef Ribs in their kitchen.They have added their own flair to produce creative and original dishes.

Download the Specification Sheet at the end of our reviews.

Here’s what they think

Krzysztof Swiecinski – Chef, Harrington Hotel

Kris enriched the BBQ glaze with some palm sugar, ginger, coriander roots, chilli, limes and fish sauce and created spicy sweet and sour BBQ beef ribs with watercress, baby kale and beetroot salad and deep fried potato skins….“Because it’s already glazed with mild BBQ sauce it can be served straight as is or can be enhanced with other flavours”
“It’s not easy to slow braise beef ribs, with these ribs it is all done for you”

“Portion in 1kg sets per bag allows easy and clean way to reheat them in microwave, convection oven or boiling water.”

“Every cut has a generous amount of meat which is tender, moist and is falling of the bone.”

“I prefer using beef ribs than pork, they simply have more meat and are cheaper.”

ozbistro chef review beef ribs

Steve Proctor – Head Chef, Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club

Steve created a gratin of beef ribs with baby carrots, shaved fennel & parsley shoots….“As a professional chef, I am always looking for new, but ever popular cuts of meat to use. Pork spare ribs have lead the charge in the ribs stakes but these beef ribs allow me a better GP while providing a point of difference on my menu”

“The hard work is all done for you.”

“Popularity of pork spare ribs, particularly in the U.S, has driven prices of a previously cheaper cut sky high. Now I can provide ribs, keep my patrons happy and get a pat on the back from the Finance guys”

“Beef ribs can be finished in a number of different ways. Brushed with your favourite glaze and flashed on a grill or BBQ. Think Eastern,
Western or good old Southern Texan smokey style.”

“I have found the popularity of BBQ Beef Ribs is a solid seller on the bistro menu at our yacht club. They can often out sell
tenderloin or sirloin.”

“Nourish provides even further versatility with packing the ribs in sous vide bags. This allows for a very simple drop in water method to reheat or combination of drop in water and finish on the BBQ.”

“The sauce provided can double as either a rewarm and ready to use pour over sauce or, reduce it a little and use it as a brush on glaze.”

“These BBQ Beef Ribs have opened up my menu planning ideas for both Winter and Summer possibilities.”

ozbistro chef review beef ribs ANZCO

Jeffrey Simonetta – Chef,
Jeff enhanced the BBQ Sauce by adding a spicy Vodka mix…. “I used some Vodka and spices, the BBQ sauce and meat juices these ribs are cooked in can be made into a nice glaze and dipping sauce.”

“They save hours of preparation and cooking time which are reflected in lower labour costs and give you the convenience of cooking from frozen.”

“I personally prefer Beef ribs, more meat and a bit more fat. However it takes a bit more skill to slow cook the beef ribs to perfection”

“Sous vide is a great way to cook the ribs to ensure ultra-tender meat, then all that’s left is to caramelise the ribs in an oven, on a char grill or even under the salamander.”

“These Ribs are conveniently packed in 1kg portions, and are consistently tender. They would be perfect for large restaurants, functions, clubs and hotels.”

ozbistro chef review ANZCO ribs