Saffire Charcoal Ovens – commercial bbq

Product Summary

The Ozbistro Trial Team review  Saffire Charcoal Ovens.

Ideal for chefs looking for an affordable commercial charcoal grill that produces a constant controlled heat. An alternative to the Jospor oven or equivalent charcoal ovens.

With precision flame control, the Saffire Grill can produce consistent  results every time. The tight seal and heavy ceramic construction of Saffire holds and controls heat to an exact temperature. Charcoal usage will be 1/2 to 1/4 that of standard charcoal grills. Ideal for intense heat for perfectly seared steaks and seafood or slow smoked barbecue, the Saffire Grill will open up plenty of  menu opportunities. You can even use it as a wood-fired brick oven for pizza, bread and much more.

Stainless steel alloys on all hardware, you are ensured of corrosion resistance and a minimum amount of maintenance.


“The  temperature held at a constant heat like nothing else I’ve ever cooked on which is a massive plus when cooking brisket or anything else in the low & slow style.

There is  plenty of room to cook in. It’s a great size to use in a small commercial kitchen.

The cook is very even. I got an amazing outcome on some slow cooked pork belly with all the skin a very even colour which for presentation was perfect.

The Saffire Charcoal Oven is a very well made product and once I put it all together it was really sturdy and each piece was really well made.I can see it will last for a long time.

The Saffire is very simple to use and the fact it can hook up to a extraction unit so it can be used inside is another big plus. I’ve currently got it out back in the courtyard but will be bringing it into our new y refurbished kitchen soon.

The only negative is it’s heavy to move around but that’s about it” – Jamie Thomas – Executive Chef – Drink’n’Dine Group