“Elbio is a local south Australian patisserie but one product I have to mention is there crissonts, excellent many products are flat and only last days before they cant be used, Elbio croissants hold there shape really well taste great and hold up to 5 days before you see them loose quality not that you would hold them that long. And the fact I’m supporting local industry is another tick in the box.”

How I use this product in the kitchen

“We use this product all day every day with many variations on the menu is always a top seller never a complaint.”

How does this product compare to its competitors?

“Its competitors are good.  Really happy with most of them  but the difference between Elbio and the competitors is shelf  life. Most other products there is always an issue that they go flat or stale up. Elbio cover all these areas” – Jason Olivier, Head Chef, Cafe B Adelaide