Culinary House Desserts’ maple syrup

Review Summary

Ozbistro chefs review Culinary House Desserts (Designer Foods) maple syrup.

In general customers were happy with the product and the fact that it had 50% less sugar was a winner. This syrup has far more stickiness and is ideal for basting as well as with pancakes.

How did it taste?

“Mixed thoughts …. some customers like the consistency more, and others thought it lacked the taste of a maple syrup. When I mentioned that the Designer Foods çthan our current product their opinion changed.”– Jason Oliver, Head Chef, Cafe Buongiorno, Modbury, SA

“It looks lighter than normal and it tastes not as ‘mapley’ as our normal syrup used. It was also felt to be a bit watery, and it almost tasted diluted. When I mentioned it was a synthetic product, is gluten free and contains less sugar than normal maple syrups, customers seemed impressed” – Ignacio Rodino, Demi Chef, LAB Restaurant, Treasury Casino, QLD

How does it compare to other Maple Syrups you are using?

“We are using Cottee’s Maple Syrup. The Designer Foods lacked that maple hit that Cottee’s has, but the consistency of the product is much thicker and far healthier. This product is a great healthier-eating option.

It is ideal for a basting glaze. The consistency in the thickness is far better than other products” – Jason Oliver

Currently we are using S&W 100% Canadian Maple Syrup. This Canadian syrup has a much darker amber colour, and it’s sweeter in flavour with a much stronger maple aftertaste”  – Ignacio Rodino

Does it stick to food or just pool on the plate?

“I found it held a lot better on food than the Cottee’s, especially when I used it as a basting glaze on the ham.” – Jason Oliver

“This product is not as sticky as our normal Maple Syrups used. Upon first pour, it seems to stick to food but once it hits the plate it does tend to pool together and slide off the food.” – Ignacio Rodino

What are good examples of how you would use it?

“This product has a consistency that is ideal for  basting Hams, Pork, Lamb, and even grilling maple bacon on the grill. As a condiment to Pancakes, waffles etc it’s fine but does lack the big Maple Syrup hit'” – Jason Oliver

“I would personally not use it for baking.  I would be more inclined to use a darker syrup. Good for basting or used in sauces however.” – Ignacio Rodino

Last words

” It’s a good product. It can be used for other purposes besides pancakes. If I was starting a restaurant from scratch and used this product

it ticks all the boxes. However the taste is noticeably different and my customers would pick up on this. Some would be happy with the change, others not so.”

– Jason Oliver

“It would be great used as pancake syrup or placed in small bottles on tables for customers to use. Being much cheaper than pure maple syrups it would be a more cost-effective alternative.” – Ignacio Rodino