Italiano Perfecto Mozzarella Cheese


“Italiano Perfecto Mozzarella cheese is one of the most consistent grated cheese products for pizzas. It is sold in 2kg and 6kg packets and is great  $$$$ value sitting in the middle of the cheese pricing. With the quality and consistency of this product can’t argue with price.  The cheese has a good melt which helps with yield. I don’t  need much on a pizza compared to other products on the market.”

How I use this product in the kitchen

“We use Italiano perfecto mozzarella cheese in many  of our menu items  like breakfast focaccia, omellette, chicken parmy, lunch focaccia and pizzas. Its flavour is good. Not too much stretch which makes it versatile for use on many menu items  we produce.”


How does this product compare to its competitors?

“I have been using Italiano perfecto mozzarella cheese for years and consistency has always been the same. If I have had any issues it has been fixed straight away but this has has been rare. I have tried numerous  products like Tuscany, Mainland, Colboulture but have always stuck to this one because it’s value for money and consistent.” – Jason Olivier, Head Chef, Cafe B Adelaide