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Mainland Mozzarella

“Mainland grated mozzarella has a mild flavour, is smooth on the palate and is an incredibly versatile product. The Mainland mozzarella has been my chosen brand for pizzas for a long time, it is the most consistent product I have found. It colours evenly, is the right consistency when melted and does not harden up quickly once cool.The mozzarella does not clump together when stored in the bain/kitchen container. The cheese itself is very consistent and it is thinly grated as opposed to other grated mozzarellas that are usually thick and short pieces. The cheese is easy to spread over the pizza sauce, and when placed in a convection oven it only takes about 8 minutes for it to achieve the right colour all throughout the pizza without uneven cooking. When cutting, the cheese does stick to the knife but this is expected from such cheese as a mozzarella. When served to the customers, the pizza can be slowly eaten and the cheese will stay stringy for a long period of time.”- Ignacio Rodino, Demi Chef – LAB Restaurant, Treasury Casino, Brisbane

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“I used the mozzarella on a chicken parmy and tried it on our pizza in the restaurant.I found it to work on the parmy really well. It grilled up nicely and the stretch was great.When used on the pizza I found it to brown up too much when cooked in our pizza oven. It was a first attempt so I’d need to pay more attention to heat next time. Overall the flavour of the mozzarella was great and I would use this product on schnitzels, chicken parmigiana’s etc.
For pizzas,I would need to experiment more before I would make the move to the Mainland Mozzarella”
– Jason Olivier, Head Chef – Cafe Buongiorno, Adelaide

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“This was the first time I had used Mainland products, but it definitely won’t be the last.
Compared to other standard foodservice mozzarella cheeses, I found it smooth and consistent when melting. It colours evenly and it had a much lower oil content than most and therefore was much nicer to present. The flavour is sharper and more defined, giving the products more depth of flavour. Overall it is one of the best shredded cheese products I have tried. Although slightly more expensive than its standard foodservice counterparts the added flavour and versatility of Mainland will make it easier to work into food costings.” – Kiara Buckby, Sous Chef – Denman Cellars Beer Cafe
Kiara Buckby, Denman Cellars Beer Cafe, Airlie Beach QLD

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“I used Mainland Mozzarella in a Smoked Salmon & Feta tart. I find that Mainland
mozzarella bakes a lot better than the cheaper mozarellas and also looks a lot nicer
when it crisps up in the oven. The flavour is quite sharp and retains that beautiful
cheesy taste that a lot of cheaper mozarellas lose when baked. Although it is
slightly more expensive than its counterparts, you will notice
the difference in depth of flavour and texture. The mozzarella also stretches quite
far when it melts so you’re not forced to use such large quantities which somewhat
subsidises the price tag. Will use again!” – Nic Raffo, Head Chef – Eclectea, Sandgate QLD

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Mainland Egmont

“I tested Mainland Egmont shredded cheese along side a mozzarella cheese.
The main difference I came across with the Egmont shredded cheese was the oil content. I tested this by making a cauliflower gratin and also a chicken parmigiana. With the mozzarella I used, a large amount of oil seeped from the cheese and ran down my dish. It was very untidy and not very appealing. However the Mainland Egmont shredded cheese did not have this problem. I also used the Mainland Egmont in a raw egg,smoked potato and Egmont filled ravioli with beurre noisette and Egmont foam. The Egmont is of such high quality that it allows for more creative dishes such as this. I wouldn’t try this dish using any other mozzarella.
The other characteristic I noticed within the two dishes I cooked was the flavour. A lot of mozzarella I buy for commercial use has little to no taste and a plastic consistency. With the Mainland Egmont the flavour is much more intense, I would say leaning towards a sharp cheddar.
Lastly with cheddar cheeses the stretch is much less so the product is less useful in dishes such as Mac n cheese, Nachos and Australian type pizzas but the Egmont shredded cheese still has that stretch. So much that you could also use this cheese for fondues.” – Matthew Moffatt, Head Chef – Century Inn Hotel, VIC
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“Previously making this recipe I have used a Grana Parmesan cheese. When I tasted the Mainland Egmont for the first time, I noticed it had a really bitey edge to it, similar to aged cheddar. I thought that it would transfer well, if not better. So I tried it with one of my favourite cheese dishes – a cheese, black pepper & rosemary Choux.
Another bonus in using Mainland Egmont for the savoury choux recipe is that you are trying to achieve a slightly gooey centre, whilst maintaining a firm exterior. The shredded Egmont is actually superior to a Grana Parmesan in that regard as you are beginning with a moist and bitey cheese.
Based on the flavour that Egmont offers, I am now thinking where else I could use it in existing recipes with different cheeses.” – Steve Proctor, Executive Chef – Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club, NSW mainland egmont

“I made a basic Chicken Parmigianna using Egmont cheese. I use Egmont because of the light flavour which doesn’t overpower the rest of the dish. Unfortunately it takes a long time to actually brown up which can affect presentation. However it melts well enough to coat the schnitzel and isn’t to stringy.” – James Robinson, Chef – Scarborough Sportsmens Club WA

“I also made a Moreton Bay Bug Mornay with Buttered spaghetti and rocket. The Egmont does not overpower the bug.The Mainland Egmont is also perfect in the mornay sauce as it won’t go gluggy and pours smoothly. The advantage of this is a nice coating on the bugs. The Mainland Egmont doesn’t colour too quickly so I can bake the bugs in the oven from raw and by the time it’s cooked the cheese has just coloured. I also used shredded parmesan in the dish to bind the butter to the pasta, this adds a bit of sharpness to the dish overall.” – James Robinson, Chef – Scarborough Sportsmens Club WA

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Mainland Tasty

“I used Mainland Tasty cheese slices for a toastie. From the first step of placing the cheese on the sandwich, the cheese slices were easy to separate from each other. This is not always the case with other brands I have previously used. Once in the toaster, the cheese did not ooze out too quickly and held its shape for quite a while, which can be good in case the toastie is forgotten about during a busy period in the kitchen. When it came time to cut, the cheese did not stick to my knife, and when the sandwich triangles were skewered together they had the right amount stringiness and cheesy aroma to make it look and smell very appetizing.” – Ignacio Rodino, Demi Chef – LAB Restaurant, Treasury Casino, Brisbane

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“I used Mainland Tasty in a Chicken, bacon and jalepeno penne pasta with rich tomato sauce and spinach. I’ve used Mainland Tasty cheese on this because of the sharpness of the cheese. It’s not too intense as a parmesan but cuts through the rich tomato very well. It also melts better than a parmesan. The Mainland Tasty is a lot stringier than the Egmont but not quite as stringy as a mozzarella which means its not too messy to eat but allows it to be mixed in the bowl. I have placed cheese on the top and baked it in the oven so it spreads nicely across the top. Unfortunately it doesn’t colour as fast as I would like but using a blow torch on it would suffice after melting.” – James Robinson, Chef – Scarborough Sportsmens Club WA

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