Organic Salad Dressings

 Review Summary

The feedback from the Ozbistro chefs is that this organic range of salad dressings have a superior taste to most on the market. The range keeps those happy who are gluten or lactose intolerant. A slightly higher price is balanced out with a higher quality product. Our team members who make their own dressings tell us that Gourmet Organic Salad Dressings will save labour and time costs while still being able to provide their diners with a dressing that is original and tastes great.

High quality and versatility are the words that resonate in this trial.

Our team comment on the taste  of the Gourmet Organic Salad Dressing Range

“We had a wedding over the weekend and used three products. Olive Oil + Balsamic, Traditional Italian & Sweet Chilli. The bride was gluten free with five other guests. Several guests were vegetarians. This allowed us to use just one dressing on the salad instead of using two and keeping gluten free and lacto happy. Olive Oil + Balsamic was used on roasted beetroot – worked well. Sweet Chilli for dips and antipasto platters very nice with just the right bite to it. Traditional Italian was awesome. Has that tang to it that works well with salads.  Sweet Honey Mustard was too sweet and the honey overpowered the mustard. Creamy French was too bland and the oil overpowered it in flavour.” – Scott Palmer, Head Chef, Fairview Tavern, Mackay,QLD

“I liked all the dressings except Sweet Honey Mustard. It lacks the sweetness for me. All the other dressings are on par to what you would expect. I like that all dressings are a vinaigrette base.” – Jason Oliver,Head Chef, Cafe Buongiorno, Modbury, SA

“They are of a high quality. Found them to be nicer once chilled, seemed to be quite bland at room temperature”  – Jared Morgan, Head Chef,Blue Fin Fishing Club,Brisbane,QLD

Which in the range did you prefer?

“Olive Oil + Balsamic, Traditional  Italian and Sweet Chilli” – Scott Palmer

“I really enjoyed the Olive Oil + Balsamic”- Jason Oliver

“Really enjoyed the Creamy French and the Olive Oil + Balsamic. The Sweet Chilli to me seemed to need more sweetness in it.” Jared Morgan

Last words on Gourmet Organic Salad Dressings 

“The response from customers was excellent on the three we used. They have a wide range of uses and covers those that are lactose intolerant,  gluten free as well as vegetarians.” Scott Palmer

“Definitely a product that I would add to my menu as I am currently making my own dressings. I can save a lot of time in labour. These are the closest to a dressing we would actually make.” – Jared Morgan