Chefs review of coffee beans

Ozbistro chefs review a mild coffee bean ideal for latte and cappuccino. 100% Australian owned and operated, Bello Cafe  is fresh from the Swan Valley food and wine region of Western Australia. Bello Café sources the finest 100% green beans from the Grand Cru Collection and blends them together to roast one of the highest quality coffees in the country.


“I found the blend to be mild and very neutral for my taste, there was no bitterness at all which is a good thing. It was a very mellow flavour with not much to challenge or excite a regular coffee drinker. Serving it as latte or cappuccino, it would have a wide customer appeal due to the mildness of the roast. In my opinion it is better suited to being served without milk or maybe as a macchiato where the faint notes of caramel shine through.”- Markus Perkert, The Lakes Golf Club